Providing Intellectual Property Services in Iran

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nofanProviding Intellectual Property Services in Iran

In order to provide intellectual property services such as patent, industrial designs and trademark at the national and international levels, as well as claims for violations of these rights Nofan Hami Alborz Institute was founded.  Given its wide international communication, this Institute   also offers aforementioned services to its customers and applicants in other countries.


Among main services which provided for applicants are intellectual property services of other countries in Iran, national patent, brand and trademark registration, industrial design registration(design patent), searching Iranian Inventions Database and so on. At the same time, Nofan Hami Alborz Institute offers services to pursue intellectual property rights claims for foreigner legal and natural persons using an Iranian lawyer specialized in IP subject.


Thanks to national and international experience of its experts, Nofan Hami Alborz Institute is able to offer high quality services in different areas in particular, international patent. The Institute has already registered more than 50 patents in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). On the other hand, upon utilizing experiences of its experts this Institute is active in marketing and trading technologies with other countries.

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